SecureDoc CloudVM from WinMagic

WinMagic announced the immediate availability of SecureDoc CloudVM in the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. WinMagic, an award-winning encryption and intelligent key management security solution provider, is now featured on the Marketplace’s Software Infrastructure + Security category, bringing key management, volume and full disk encryption for customers operating on AWS cloud computing infrastructure. By combining WinMagic’s SecureDoc CloudVM data security solution […]

5 Common Issues Hindering Cloud Instancing Optimization

Public cloud environments such as AWS, Microsoft® Azure, and Google® Cloud Platform have been promoted as a means of saving money on IT infrastructure resources. Unfortunately, this is not often the case. The increasing complexity of cloud offerings and the lack of visibility most organizations have into these environments make it difficult to effectively control costs. Many organizations unwittingly overprovision […]

What to do if your public cloud is hacked

It’s never good news when your workloads, data, or both get hacked in a public cloud. Fortunately, it’s something that rarely occurs. But as workloads and data sets on the public clouds become more numerous, such a hack could occur. The best way to recover from an attack, aka a hack, is to remain calm and follow these simple rules. […]

Get what you deserve: What cloud jobs pay

Thanks to compensation consultancy PayScale, we now have salary figures for a variety of cloud jobs, with ranges for roles, company size, and years of experience. So, what’s hot and what’s not? If you want to make the most money from your cloud job, the best-paid positions are: enterprise IT (cloud) architect, with a median salary of $138,051 senior cloud […]