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Storage from FalconStor Software

FalconStor® Software Inc. has announced FreeStor® for the hybrid cloud. Building on its heterogeneous storage platform, it has enabled enterprises and cloud service providers (CSPs) to utilize the performance and reliability benefits of block-based enterprise storage within a hybrid model at public cloud prices. New benefits of FreeStor’s intelligent approach to flexible data management include: Simple, fair pricing – organizations […]

5 Considerations For A Successful Tech Startup Launch

Tech startups today are all over the map — but an interesting distinction is the difference between startups that heavily rely on technology and actual technology startups. Here are several kinds of technology startups that are prevalent today: Security. The prominence of security has skyrocketed, and it’s no secret as to why. Look at how much the security landscape at […]

How Cloud-Native Digital Asset Management Drives Transformation

Cloud-based applications proliferate today’s enterprise. From Google Drive, Box and Dropbox, to Salesforce and Adobe Creative Cloud, on-the-go workforces rely on the cloud every step of their day. The problem? The traditional digital asset management (DAM) platforms they use to drive business workflows and manage business content lack the cloud integration, scalability, and availability necessary to truly realize the benefits […]

Why Self-Service Analytics Is Replacing Traditional BI

Modern organizations typically use several IT tools to monitor their applications, networks, and other IT components in real time. Unfortunately, this leads to independent data islands, which creates a one-dimensional view of IT. In order to make strategic decisions, organizations need an IT operational analytics tool to analyze data from multiple sources, spot trends, and make better decisions. While there […]

Business Access, The Cloud, And Security

Access governance continues to be a surging market in many different industries across the globe and organizations are investing resources in technology that can efficiently improve processes and ensure security of their networks. While the cloud has been established as a standard for organizations, access and governance to manage such solutions has not yet become a standard solution set for […]

So You’ve Transitioned To The Cloud – Now What?

I’m willing to bet that when Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu coined his famous phrase around 500 B.C., “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” he wasn’t thinking about the time it takes to migrate legacy data center operations to the public cloud. But it couldn’t be more applicable. For many IT departments, shifting operations to the public […]

Vertical vs. Horizontal Sourcing In The Cloud Era

When Thomas Friedman wrote his bestselling book The World is Flat in 2005, he was not just talking about level playing fields in terms of commerce. He also touched upon two key trends which were helping the world market to flatten, namely outsourcing and offshoring. Outsourcing meant segregating manufacturing and services into “components” that could be performed in the most […]

Securing Hybrid IT

Part of the problem with securing hybrid IT is that many people are confused about what that even means. Furthermore, even those who understand what it means are unsure of how security policies should account for hybrid IT. Why? Well, it’s complicated, literally. At its core, hybrid IT is complex — IT infrastructure and applications running on-premises (in your own […]