Day: December 6, 2017

Facing Up To The IT Shadow

Certain psychological schools of thought posit the existence of “the shadow,” a scary figure which lurks in the darkness of the psyche affecting everything we do. The decentralized, virtualized environment which now characterizes business IT architecture has also given rise to a shadow. And just like its psychological counterpart, so-called shadow IT operates out of sight of business management and […]

Keys To Agile Software Development

Organizations want to move to a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) model in software development and the cloud can help, but there are key obstacles standing in the way. For example, in many software companies, the IT operations (IT Ops) team has a lengthy procurement and provisioning cycle, and developers may have to wait anywhere from several days to a few […]

The Cloud Goes Underground

Extreme weather, seismic events, and even rodents have compromised the physical security of cloud servers and other data center infrastructure. Selecting an underground colocation facility with above industry standards provides the solution to these and other threats. With cyberattacks such as Petya and WannaCry making big headlines recently, it’s understandable that fortifying cybersecurity is top-of-mind for many CIOs. Last May, […]

Multi-Cloud In The Context Of Market Verticals

As it is well-known, the cloud market is dominated by large cloud service suppliers (CSP) such as Amazon, Google, and Azure. Amazon Web Services is dominating the market with 47.1% of the Public Cloud Market Share. The smaller CSPs are increasingly having to diversify their offering and collaborating rather than competing with large and other small providers, for example to […]

How The Cloud Can Help Your Business Get Compliant With GDPR

The UK Brexit planning has started in earnest and companies and organizations are rightly looking at what leaving the European Union (EU) will mean to their operations and staff. However, amid wide-ranging business concerns is a new piece of legislation affecting personal data which could potentially have similar aftershocks — and that’s general data protection regulation (GDPR) which will apply […]

5 Ways To Protect Your Business From Being Hacked

The past couple of months have been a huge wake-up call for businesses in terms of their cybersecurity. With large enterprises such as Equifax being successfully attacked, costing the company billions, as well as their reputation as a reliable service to trust, there are no longer any doubts regarding the importance of protecting company-sensitive information. Protecting your business from cyber […]

Why You Should Consider Moving Unified Communications To The Cloud

In today’s evolving business landscape, executives are looking to technology to help transform their operations, enabling them to be more agile and efficient. To help achieve this, executives are increasingly incorporating cloud solutions into their business strategies to help them stay competitive. Whether it is virtualizing the data center, deploying new applications or extending network capacity, cloud solutions are becoming […]